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Meet your Contact person

He prepares your trip: he receives your request for a tailor-made trip and discusses it with you to give you an initial idea of the route and price.
He will do his best to satisfy you by taking into account your desires and will adapt his proposal as your exchanges progress. Take advantage of this, he is an expert on his destination who will be able to tell you all about his good golfing tips and help you get off the beaten track.
On-site, he will put together all the components of your trip: the welcome on arrival, then transfer to your accommodation, the hotel reservation, the selection of a suitable guide, the various transport arrangements, and the organization of activities. Finally, he can be reached at any time to assist you if necessary during your trip.

Contact Wedgewood France


The Japan Wedgewood office and Yoko Ogata

From Hokkaido to Okinawa, Japan has many attractive places to visit. All these places have their own unique characteristics, with different landscapes and events in each season. Yoko Ogata introduces you to the main regions of Japan and their highlights, from north to south. Let’s find out together where you would like to go in Japan!


Wedgewood founder Aidan Ford

Wedgewood takes pride in our reputation to deliver the most meticulously crafted, creative and highly professional destination experiences for all our clients. In every Wedgewood destination around the world, our full-time team members are passionate local experts with contacts and connections to access the most exclusive experiences.


Wedgewood Germany offices in Mainz

Since 2008 we’ve professionally and creatively delivered tailor-made programs to our clients from all over the world. Wedgewood-Germany was awarded German’s Best Destination Management Company 2019 in International Travel Awards 2019 Our extensive local knowledge and strategic partnerships mean no project is too big or complex for us to handle.


National expert, Paul Salmon

The members of our international, multilingual team are characterized by their attentiveness and sensitivity to the diverse needs of a multicultural clientele. They are committed to and take responsibility for the success of your project, whatever its size and complexity.


Master of SA. Offices, Rolf Greiner

Wedgewood South Africa is a leading destination management company. As part of a global team with offices on four continents, we work across Southern and East Africa, and the Indian Ocean islands.


Irene Martin & Javier Coddazi

We design each program according to the needs and preferences of the client. Our results? Well-detailed itineraries based on personal interests and lifestyles in Spain.


The Master of the ceremony, Jerry Allanson

Wedgewood Britain offers unparalleled travel experiences to the most beautiful, exciting, and historic locations in England, Wales, and Scotland, as well as the island of Ireland. Experience the effervescent energy of downtown London, the castles and kilts of the Scottish countryside, and the picturesque majesty of Wales, and Ireland’s legendary historical heritage. You are guaranteed a truly memorable adventure.


France is represented by Jean-Pierre Gombert

Wedgewood France’s values reflect who we are at our core. They guide the way we work with our partners, the way we share with our travelers, and the way we interact within the company.


The faster ball collector, sir Golfy

If dogs could talk: this is what Golfy would say
Dear clients, Give me time to understand what you want from me.
Give me your trust – it is crucial to our relationship.
Remember that I love you.

We look forward to seeing you with Wedgewood World