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An unforgettable trip to Monaco.

During any incentive trip, the destination must provide an exceptional experience, during which the participant will feel valued.

In this respect, Monaco has undeniable assets: the jewel of the French Riviera, the Principality is synonymous with exclusivity, and the great Art de Vivre. Its unique infrastructures, superb Mediterranean landscapes, and rich heritage are also blessed with a generous amount of sunshine 300 days a year.

Last but not least, the excellent flight connections from all European cities, with just a 40-minute drive between Nice International airport and your hotel, make the Principality easily accessible.

You have to stay at least a day, or more, to get the spirit of it.

Choosing Monaco as the destination is truly rewarding recognition. Gastronomy, culture, sport, well-being… Monaco offers a range of exceptional experiences.

During a stay in Monaco, the activities in one of the smallest countries in the world are numerous!

  • Walk to the “Rocher” and the Prince’s Palace, then stop for refreshments or lunch at the Condamine market. In this area, you can plan tastings of beers, Provencal wines, and Monegasque pastries from quality craftsmen. It is also possible to incorporate a treasure hunt in connection with the country’s casinos.
  • From the harbour, a catamaran or sailboat regatta takes participants to the ports of Villefranche, Menton, or Nice. Swimming at Mala beach is always a great success.
  • For those in search of thrills, the Monaco heliport can transport groups in waves of 70 people. Monaco from the sky is a memorable experience. (one possibility is to go by helicopter to Isola 2000 for skiing and lunch at the Mont-Agel Golf course…)
  • For your dinners, the Yachting Club is one of the principality’s most exclusive venues. Or if the group is smaller, a yacht anchored in the harbour provides the perfect setting.
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