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DMC Services

As a DMC (Destination Management Company) specializing in France, each of our incentive groups is treated uniquely.
This allows you to request and receive from us tailor-made services that make your trip to France an unforgettable experience.

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Transportation & Staffing

Wedgewood DMC organizes transport to suit your needs, starting with the arrival experience, followed by evening activities and transport, to the final ‘Goodbye’ departure. We pride ourselves on working with the most reliable and reputable suppliers to provide the quality services your participants need.

Wedgewood’s staff ensures that every detail is checked and rechecked. They are the unsung heroes of each and every program, working behind the scenes to ensure that the porters are ready to transfer the bags, that the restaurants are ready to welcome the guests, and to ask the band to turn up (or down) the volume!

At Wedgewood France DMC, our mission is to provide the best MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events) experts to ensure the complete success of your company’s event. We take care of all of the organizational and logistical aspects to achieve and smooth and efficiently run event.

We meet (and hope to exceed) your expectations by being creative and inventive, accessing the most remarkable settings and venues in France. The incentive trips and business meetings that we offer always take into account the tastes and preferences of the group, including choice of destinations, culinary activities, sports, tourism, and others elements that we are able to incorporate especially for your group. Our goal is to bring the best of Paris, the Riviera and the rest of France to the client.

With Wedgewood France DMC, traveling with work colleagues will become an exciting and rewarding adventure, replete with beautiful, tailor-made experiences.

Incentive &

Meeting Management

Event Design & Production

Wedgewood DMC Group offers design and production services for Welcome Receptions, Gala Evenings, Awards Ceremonies, Product Launches and more – including, naturally, theming, décor and audio-visual production.

The handling of all essential details and information ensures the comfort and enjoyment of guests and guarantees the success of your event.

Our entertainments team will create a spectacular audiovisual experience for your event with state-of-the-art equipment and talented artists.

National Expert

Travel France Management


The Wedgewood Group with offices worldwide


A selection of exclusive venues and top-of-the-range services


A competitive price for the incoming travel market


A global and personalised offer with a central expert at your disposal for the entire production and organisational process.

Our mission is to deliver the best of France

Wedgewood is a DMC for groups and corporates. All our services are bespoke, designed to meet the needs and goals of our clients.

In everything we do, we believe in incorporating, as appropriate, unique & innovative elements.  Our programs are carefully planned and meticulously delivered – and that’s how to make great events!

We pride ourselves on our in-house services, including consulting and advisory services for creative event production and design, venue sourcing, and event  & travel management.